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Fairy Charm Bags

Fairy Charm Bags

Function: to establish or maintain an energy connection with the Other People, create the pouch and hang from a tree in the yard, a fence post, or place somewhere indoors:

a. to attract Fairies to dwell in and protect yard and/or home; to gain a Fairy companion
b. to seek Fairie aid in magic and/or divination, or in travels to Otherworld
c. for dreams of Faerie

Perform during: a Friday, Waxing to Full Moon

Materials: lavender and vervain herbs; lavender material cut in a 6 inch square, small moonstone or fluorite, pale green or pale lavender ribbon, any decorative items such as feathers, holey stones, shells, etc. to adorn the outside of the bag.

Optional:batting and lavender oil

Create the Charm:

a. put the herbs and stone in the center of the color of cloth
b. add batting with lavender oil if using
c. gather up ends of cloth and tie bag shut with ribbon
d. create a loop with which to hang the bag from a tree branch, etc.
e. knot ribbon 3 times
f. add any decorative items to dangle from ribbon

Consecrate the Charm: have pentacle, blessed water (from a previous Sabbat or Esbat) or spring water, rock salt or burdock root, lavender incense, lavender or grey candle, and wand

a. light candle & incense
b. pass the Charm through the Elementals
"I call upon the Powers of the Elementals to enliven the magic and stir the energies into this charm that it may call Fair Ones to me! By Earth [sprinkle with salt/root], Air [pass through incense smoke], Fire[pass through candle flame],and Water [sprinkle with blessed water], I consecrate this Charm to my use.(Set Charm Bag on the Pentacle and place hands together with palms down over the Charm and visualize the energy rising up from the Earth through your feet and out your palms into the Charm Bag) With the blessings of the Goddess and the God, this Charm is charged and energized that as I will, SO MOTE IT BE!”

Activate the Fairy Charm Bag:

a. store in a dark place until Full Moon
b. place the pouch in the light of the Full Moon (example is for June):
"Come to me Blessed Fair Ones, By Midsummer’s light of thy Faerie Moon! Bless this charm and grant my boon! With this Charm may ye ever abide in friendship with me, for as this I will, So Mote It Be!"
c. let the pouch stay in the moonlight 1 hour, then place where desired
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