Wow saw my description and realized how long it's been since I updated it. I'll just make the bday changes for now and update everything else as I can. LOVES <3 Just a couple of things you really need to know. I'm a girl, turned 21 in June. I'm a green witch (don't know what that is? ask) NOT wiccan, there is a difference. I'm Bi. If any of these things really bother you then you really should not follow me. They are a part of me and I don't hide them. I don't take my cues from TV shows on how to behave. Honestly I hardly watch any TV. I'm to busy living life to bother watching others pretend to. I am me. I speak my mind. When I love, I love with all my heart. I protect my friends and those I love.
As for following back. No, I do not always follow back. If I see something on your blog that catches my eye, chances are I will follow you. Please feel free to ask me to look. Oh an no I don't bite so feel free to leave a message.


“For anyone working to promote presence and to alleviate the anxiety caused when emotions become overwhelming, I recommend a combination of aerobic exercise and meditation, as the two are highly complementary.”

Grounding, Exercise and Meditation are each immensely necessary for me to help me maintain my focus and control my emotions as well as staying healthy. I encourage everyone to work on it. Start slowly, lol you may even find yourself falling asleep at times during your grounding and meditating but it’s normal. Soon you will be able to find your peace in just about any situation. 
Love and Blessings