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The Essentials of Cord Magick

The Essentials of Cord Magick

For cord magick you will need a cord, or cingulum as it is sometimes called, that is nine feet long (three times three; the perennial magick number) and is the color appropriate to the magickal working.

7 strand handfasting braiding instructions

NOT only for handfasting. This can be used for many spells and magick.

How to braid a seven-strand handfasting cord

For a seven-strand braided handfasting cord, make sure that the strands (that will make up the cord) are long enough so that when you eventually finish the braid, there is still plenty of length to do the ceremonial cord tying around both the bride and groom’s hands. Please note that if the individual strands are exceptionally thick, it may be cumbersome to use once fully braided.

Knot your seven strands (single-color cords) at the very top. To make it easier, take masking tape and tape the top of the knot to a table or other flat surface where you will be braiding. Separate the strands so that there are four to the left and three to the right. Working from left to right, the outside strand is brought to the middle space and placed against the right three strands. The outside right hand strand is next brought to the middle and placed similarly against the left three. Repeat this order until the ends are reached. Then knot the very bottom tightly with all the ends included in the knot.

While you are braiding, you can braid in magical intent. You can do a test braid first with yarn or household string as practice. When you braid the actual cord, adding magic is the best part!

Your intent could be related to each of the colors you have chosen, for example, when you pick the red strand up, think about the passion you will be weaving into the braid and into your marriage. Then when you pick up and weave in the blue strand, think of being true to one another, and so forth. Using knot magic combined with color correspondences is very powerful.

Even if your strands are all one color, you can still weave in magical intent. Another great thing you can do is have a special incense burning near (but not too close - safety first!) while you braid your handfasting cord. If you have created the intention to have your incense represent special attributes to your marriage (and even better if you can make the incense yourself), you will automatically weave in the scent as the smoke wafts over during the braiding.

You can also choose to weave in herbs, like rosemary and lavender, two traditional wedding herbs. Wheat and corn, symbolizing fertility, are popular wedding grains which can also be woven in as well. While it’s not always possible, all natural fiber cords, such as cotton or silk, are preferred over synthetic ones by Wiccans and other Earth-centered people.

You can also make this a project for two. The bride can weave one strand, and the groom can weave the next, and so on and so forth. Or the groom can blend the incense and the bride can weave the strands. Or the bride can choose the colors and the groom can weave the strands. It’s up to you!

Of course, a handfasting cord does not have to be seven strands. Mine was one!

Either way, it is a fun, beautiful and magical project.

Fun note: the braiding diagram above is actually from a book on how to braid challah bread. Ha ha!